MARK COLPISCE ANCORA & BROTHERS IN BLOOD Blu-ray Mediabooks out 25th January 2020 Posted on 6 Dec 16:19 , 0 comments

Mark colpisce Ancora aka 44 Specialist aka Mark strikes again Blu-ray Mediabooks in 3 different Cover Editions coming 25th January 2020.

Brothers in Blood aka Savage Attack Blu-ray Mediabooks in 3 different Cover Editions coming 25th January 2020.


RASHOMON - Ashcan copy - Film Music Vol. III LP/CD Set and CD Edition 25th October! Posted on 6 Aug 22:47 , 0 comments

RASHOMON are back with a wonderful release worth your cinematic ears! This fine album will be out on 180g Vinyl (300 copies on bone/orange mixed colour and 200 on solid black Vinyl) and as a CD edition in Gatefold Cardboard sleeve. 

Out in October, exact release date tba. 

Originally issued in 2011, Ashcan Copy is the third instalment in Rashomon’s Film Music series of LPs. Cineploit Records is proud to present this re-release, and to introduce the 

record to a wider audience than the 150 lucky souls who snagged a copy of the ultra-limited initial release on Hlava Records.

Active since 2009, Rashomon is the solo project of Matt Thompson, also of Cineploit mainstays ZOLTAN. This is his second release on the label under the Rashomon name, 

following 2014’s LP/DVD extravaganza The Cameraman’s Revenge: Film Music Vol. 4 (Cine 09) – the final release in the Film Music series to date. 

The previous edition to this, 2009’s The Finishing Line: Film Music Vol. 2, had focused on re-creating the psychological mind-state of the wilder end of 1970s British public information films. By way of change Ashcan Copy is presented as an album of soundtrack cues fromfilms that were, for one reason or another, never released. The films, hailing from Italy, Japan and the USA (among others) supposedly date from the 1950s to the 1970s, and were (according to the extensive sleeve notes) exactingly sourced from film archives across Europe. In reality, all the music is self-composed. The eight tracks include elements of noise, folk, psychedelia, prog and noir-jazz within their elaborate constructions, created with a panoply of instrumentation including Mellotron, zither, home-made percussion, Fender Rhodes, harmonium, MiniMoog and more. Delicate and sensuous, heavy and oppressive – the record negotiates these musical contradictions while retaining a single-minded pursuit of strangeness and surprise.

Having finally found its spiritual home on cinematic specialist label Cineploit, Ashcan Copy can at last be heard by all.

Liberi Armati Pericolosi (CP 03) Cover B finally out and shipping! Posted on 29 Jul 19:32 , 0 comments

After a massive production delay is the missing Cover B of Liberi Armati Pericolosi finally in stock and shipping.

Liberi Armati Pericolosi (CP 03) + E Tanta Paura (CP 04) out now & shipping! Posted on 2 Jul 20:55 , 0 comments

These two new Mediabooks finally arrived and are shipping now! Get your copy now, both released in 3 different cover variations, Cover C of E Tanta Paura is sold out allready.


New Act MORLOCK on Cineploit album release in September Posted on 23 Jun 00:11 , 0 comments

Prog doom drummer du jour Andrew Prestidge branches out into the field of electronic music with his solo synthesizer project MORLOCK!

After several years spent holding down the drum stool with legendary doom metal acts Angel Witch, Electric Wizard and Warning – not to mention the prog rock bands Zoltan, The Osiris Club and Suns Of The Tundra – Andrew sat down with his keyboard collection, a 4-track recorder and a selection of sonic screwdrivers to create a new kind of music.

The space-rock jams contained on 'Ancient Paths' are influenced as much by retro synth artists Kraftwerk, Heldon, Tubeway Army and OMD as they are by the sci-fi soundtracks of John Carpenter and the folk-horror that seeps into every corner of the British Isles. Andrew's previous experience in live-soundtracking silent films (performing at Stewart Lee's ATP Festival with Suns Of The Tundra to a 1919 film detailing Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica) and reworking vintage horror scores with Zoltan guide the expansive, all-instrumental melancholy of the record. Acoustic guitars, analog synthesizers and electronic percussion coalesce into a retro-futurist soundscape for the mind's eye.

Many of the songtitles reference occult literature and cinema: Fritz Lang's Metropolis ('Rotwang's Furnace'), Phantasm ('Morningside'), H.P. Lovecraft's Colour Out Of Space ('Blasted Heath'), the comics of Jack Kirby ('Kirby Oberon'). The band name itself is a nod to H.G. Well's classic 1895 novel 'The Time Machine'.

The Wind in the Willows recast for the 22nd century? Quatermass and the Pit relocated to Summerisle? The music of Morlock bridges the past and the future, re-imagining both into a blend of electronic perfection.

First music to listen below!

Morlock - Morningside

Liberi Armati Pericolosi (CP 03) + E Tanta Paura (CP 04) presale starting today! Posted on 20 May 18:27 , 0 comments

Our next 2 Bluray Mediabooks will be out June 24th!


CP 04 - E TANTA PAURA aka MAGNUM 45 aka PLOT OF FEAR.                 

Both titles available in 3 different cover variations!

Pre-order now!

Liberi Armati Pericolosi Cover A

Liberi Armati Pericolosi Cover B

Bewaffnet & Gefährlich Cover C

E tanta paura Cover A

E tanta paura Cover B

Magnum 45 Cover C

Killer Cop (CP 01) & Dont count on us (CP 02) OUT NOW!!!! Posted on 11 Apr 22:02 , 0 comments

Both Mediabook Blu-ray releases are out now and shipping! Get your copy now! 


Cover Variation A-D of La Polizia ha le mani legate aka Killer Cop

Killer Cop (CP 01) & Dont count on us (CP 02) delayed! Posted on 14 Mar 17:03 , 0 comments



Sadly we got informed that both titles have a slight production delay and shall be in stock first week of April means all preorders will be shipped in the 2nd week of April. Look forward to 2 wonderful italian films from the glory 70´s! 

Soon we will announce our next film releases and we also got new music coming so stay tuned!


Zombi Italiano Documentary - First Teaser! Posted on 2 Nov 22:19 , 0 comments

Soon we will finalize our full length documentary about the Italian Zombiefilm Genre! We still have not decided under which title we go but it´s time to share a first Teaser. Be prepared for a wild ride with italian exploitation at it´s best! Fuck the walking Dead – Fulci & Co. lives…….forever!

Information Posted on 4 Aug 22:05 , 0 comments

Althougth Cineploit is an record label dedicated to cinematic music we are also busy restoring films and releasing high quality Blu-ray  Mediabooks of Italian Genre Cinema. You will find all our past releases in the film section - be sure to check if the wanted release has english language. If you are unsure dont hesitate and drop us a line!

Since summer 2018 we finished with our german partner and will continue releasing italian genre cinema in gorgeous high quality Mediabooks ALWAYS english & Italian friendly!

And this is not all - we are behind a big Documentary Production which will be finished late 2018 and hopefully hit all important festivals 2019 followed by an Bluray release! Stay tuned!

Obwohl Cineploit als Plattenlabel begonnen hat sind wir seit einiger Zeit beschäftigt diverse italienische Filmperlen zu restaurieren und in aufwendigen Mediabooks zu veröffentlichen. Ihr findet all unsere früheren Veröffentlichungen in unserem Online Shop in der Filmsektion. 

Anfang 2018 haben wir die Zusammenarbeit mit unserem deutschen Partner beendet werden aber unsere Tätigkeit mit aufwendig restaurierten Filmen weiterführen und diese als Mediabook wie auch Amaray veröffentlichen.

Dies ist noch lange nicht alles - seit fast zwei Jahren produzieren wir eine aufwendige Dokumentation welche im Winter 2018 fertiggestellt werden wird und 2019 auf allen wichtigen Festivals zum Einsatz kommen soll. Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt natürlich auch über uns veröffentlicht - folgt uns über die üblichen Kanäle!