SOSPETTO "Segni Misteriosi, con il Sangue dipinto sul muro" LP (Cine 05)


This German Duo is creating music with such an italian sound it could be easily used for an Giallo, Poliziotti or Horror ala Italiano made nowadays. You can hear some Frizzi influence especially with the choirs and some Nicolai in the harmonies but then again it all sounds so unique and fresh! If I wouldn´t know better I would bet my ass this must be Italians!

SOSPETTO shares pleasent musical memories with you, most of the time creepy and mysterious, then with a scent of happiness and a glimpse of reconciliation, but always untouchable, like the scale of different murders: cruel, but emotional at the same time.

15 tracks of audible  black gloves, bloody razors and fateful affairs, like a soundtrack of a never-filmed giallo.