MALABIMBA "MalaBimba" LP (Cine 02)


When the mainstream audience of 70’s cinema was going with Luke Skywalker to a Star War or Bud Spencer & Terence Hill were beating themselves in the Wild West another progression was happening in the italian outback. Directors like Lucio Fulci or Ruggero Deodato developed „kaput pictures for a kaput world“ with films like "Cannibal Holocaust" or „Paura nella città dei morti viventi“ (City of the living dead). A new form of dark trash aesthetic was reached and with those films especially the Italians conquered the grindhouse cinemas all over the world.
To these movies prolific composers like Riz Ortolani or Goblin created atmospheric and bizarre Scores.
Most of the filmcritics back then hated these movies and left them all alone – but over the years an enthusiastic scene devoted to these underground cinema could develop and out of this a new wave of fantastic directors like Quentin Tarantino, Jörg Buttgereit, Rob Zombie or Eli Roth emerged and celebrated their own success heavily influenced by the masters of exploitation cinema.

MALABIMBA remember musically on this golden age of cinematic underground. Their self titled first full length Album is to understand as a hommage to composers like Riz Ortolani, Franco Micalizzi, Goblin or Stelvio Cipriani and let Zombies, bad Cops, busty Blondes, mad Scientists and black gloved Killers come back again into your mind’s eye.